About Us

Selkirk Machine Works was established in the early 1950’s as a shipbuilder. We became renowned for our expertise in the field and the vessels we have built. Today, we employ numerous employees skilled in machining, millwrighting, welding and have capabilities to produce technically complicated fabrication projects.

As marine traffic began to diminish on Lake Winnipeg, Selkirk Machine Works continued to make a mark in the steel industry, specializing in manufacturing and refurbishment of gates and guides for the hydro-electric power generating industry. At the same time, we continue with marine repairs. We have also invented and hold the patent on the ice router.

Being a metal fabrication and welding company that specializes in custom manufacturing services. We are proud to be a CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified company, which means that we meet the high standards for welding quality and safety set by the CWB.

As a CWB certified company, we have demonstrated our knowledge, skills, and expertise in producing high-quality welded products that meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. This certification allows us to offer our customers the assurance that their products are fabricated and welded to the highest level of quality and safety.

At Selkirk Machine Works, we prioritize safety and quality in all our welding services. We maintain a safe work environment, provide ongoing training to our staff, and follow strict quality control procedures to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations. We are committed to providing exceptional welding services and delivering products that are safe, durable, and of the highest quality.

COR (Certificate of Recognition) certification is a voluntary certification program in Canada that recognizes companies that have implemented a Workplace Safety & Health program that meets or exceeds established standards. The COR certification demonstrates that the company has a strong commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

Selkirk Machine Works is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and customers. We recognize the importance of maintaining the highest standards of health and safety, which is why we have implemented an effective safety program that meets or exceeds industry standards.

We are currently COR certified, we have taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We regularly review and update our safety program policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date and reflect current best practices. We conduct regular safety training sessions for all employees and have a dedicated safety committee to oversee our safety program.

At Selkirk Machine Works, we believe that maintaining a safe work environment is essential to our success. We are committed to ongoing improvement and are open to exploring certification options that align with our commitment to health and safety.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR®) Program 

COR® is an occupational safety and health accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety and health management system which meets national standards.

CSA W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel

CSA W47.2 Fusion Welding of Aluminum